How to Turn Your House into the Home of Your Dreams

When anyone purchases a home, they begin to imagine turning it into the home of their dreams.  Maybe they see different colors on the wall, different counters in the kitchen, and new flooring throughout.  Luckily, once you become a homeowner, you have plenty of time to make the changes you envision.  If you are looking for projects that will dramatically change the look of your home, consider these options first.

Paint Your Walls

The easiest way to see a big change quickly is to paint your walls.  A new color can completely change the look and mood of a space, and can be managed by many homeowners on their own.  In fact, you can even use paint colors to make a room feel cozy, or more spacious.  This can make the room to appear to be bigger or smaller through the use of color alone.

Begin by exploring color options at a local hardware store, or through their website.  Some sites even allow you just upload pictures of your home, giving you a method to experiment with different colors in the space without having to make the commitment first.

Once you have narrowed down your options, pick up a few sample sizes of the paints and try them on various spots on your walls.  Depending on the lighting in your room, the colors may look slightly different than you saw online or in the store, and the look may change slightly throughout the day.  Make sure you are happy with your choice, or choices, before painting the entire room.

How to Turn Your House into the Home of Your Dreams

Update Your Flooring

Another area that can provide a big change is to change the floors.  Since they cover such a large amount of space, a new option can create a new feeling across the area.  There are a wide variety of options to choose from, so there is likely a solution for any budget.  If you need to keep costs lower, you might want to install vinyl flooring in your kitchen or bathrooms.  If you are looking for the look of hardwood without the cost, consider laminate as a potential solution.

Some flooring options, including laminate, can be installed by many homeowners.  However, wall-to-wall carpet and hardwood may be best left to the professionals.  Tiles can require special saws, which may make it more cost-effective to hire a professional.  Many home improvement stores do offer tool rentals to help homeowners with projects, which may make a self-install more manageable.

Art and Photography

If you don’t have the ability to make changes to the home itself, consider changing the feeling of a space with art.  This can include projects you complete yourself, as well as items purchased.  Many websites have made finding art simple, and even affordable.  Websites like Etsy connect you directly with artists, allowing you to find one of a kind works and purchase them directly.

One way to create art quickly is to find pieces of fabric in prints you enjoy and frame them.  You can choose a selection based on the colors involved, the pattern, or any other theme.  This can create the look of a professional art print at a fraction of the cost.

Let Your Priorities Guide You

If there is a certain part of your home that brings you down, consider changing it first.  Additionally, if a project makes you particularly happy, then start there.  Let your dreams guide your actions, and your dream home will be a reality faster than you realize.

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