Cell Phone Hero Stories

Dreams do come true for those people who desire nothing more than to be heroes. Of course, being a hero is certainly nothing to wink at. So, what happens when a cell phone assists in heroic actions? Well, that’s where cell phone hero stories emerge. The people in this piece were probably in the right place at the right time, but the cell phones within their grasp are worthy of applause as well.

In truth, cell phones often get a bad rap. You visit places like Izengate to pick out your new Apple, Samsung, or LG and then you don’t think another thing about that old phone and what it could have accomplished had it been given the opportunity for greatness. Instead, we berate people who seem glued to their phones. Thankfully, that glued to the phone nature helped the people in these stories.

Chad & Camryn Wood, Kidnapping Thwarters

Camryn was just fifteen years old, traveling in the car with her father, Chad, when an Amber Alert popped up on the cell phone screen she held in her hand. That constant need to be glued to her phone allowed her to take note of the kidnapping being presented via the Amber Alert. She looked up and realized that the car in front of her was the exact same car listed on the alert.

Chad and Camryn got close enough to the car to ensure that the license plates matched the information on her cell phone’s screen. A mother had kidnapped her child from her husband. Chad and Camryn called 911 and followed the woman as she drove. The police arrived quickly and the woman was arrested. The infant was safe and Camryn became a cell phone hero!

You can read the story in its entirety by following this link.

Cell Phone Hero Stories

The Chicago Cell Phone Jammer

Now, some would place this guy in the category of a felon. However, we would like to submit to you the possibility that he is more of a hero with a cell phone vendetta. When you are stuck on a commuter train, and everyone is talking, loudly, on their cell phones it can get pretty annoying. Surely you can understand the premise for his decision.

Dennis Nicholl ordered a device from China. This was a means to deal with his increasing aggravation over the incessant cell phone chatter he endured on his two-year stint of commuter train riding. The device, known as a cell phone jammer would render the cell phones in his train car useless for the time in which he had the device on.

Some see this as a public safety issue while others think of it more as a public service. Where do you stand on the issue? Does he deserve jail time, or applause? To gain a full understanding of the entire event you will need to read this article.

In Other News

Apparently, in Queens, a bunch of police offers were honored when they were able to incarcerate a group of robbers. Apparently this team of robbers had an incessant dependence on their cell phones for planning and correspondence.

It is amazing the kind of heroism that exists in a technologically advanced world. For more inspirational and perhaps slightly wacky tech heroism read this. You’ll be glad you did.