5 Reasons to Achieve the Private School Dream

If you have kids in school these days, you are probably stressing over the state of public education. The truth is, violence and bullying are on the rise in schools. And, parents are wondering if paying the hefty private school price is worth it. Therefore, we would like to offer you 5 reasons to achieve the private school dream.

Younger children will benefit from attending private primary school in Perth. At All Saints College the wellbeing, welfare, and safety of your children are the highest priority. Their staff and all who volunteer on site, are expected to uphold this level of excellence. But, even with these great assets you are probably looking for more reasons to consider the move from public to private.

5 Reasons to Achieve the Private School Dream

Private Schools Can be a Dream Come True

For many people, private schools can be a dream come true. They have watched their children flounder in excessively large classrooms lacking the ability to receive the one on one attention they desperately need. Or, they have endured core teaching that is opposed to their personal belief systems. For these reasons, and the five that follow, private schools are an excellent option:

  1. Assessment Issues– Thanks to the move towards common core, most public schools have become little more than testing facilities. Students are constantly assessed and those that don’t make the grade are segregated into remedial courses where class size caps are not in place. This leaves teachers at a disadvantage even when they really want to make a difference in a student’s life. Learn more.
  2. Low Expectations– Public schools don’t offer the high expectations that many parents hold for their children. Private schools can expand your child’s world. They offer them the opportunity to explore, innovate, and think creatively. This is due, in part, to the smaller classroom sizes.
  3. Staff Morale– Chances are, the teachers at your public schools are less enthusiastic than they need to be. Teachers don’t go into education thinking about the fact that they will be in overcrowded schools where kids would rather play on their phones than learn.
  4. Individualized Instruction– When teachers are allowed to focus on the needs of individual students because their class sizes are manageable your child gets the attention he/she needs. Students who feel that their needs are important are more invested in their own education. This makes the learning experience far more enjoyable for all involved. Get more information about this here.
  5. Class Sizes– Due to the recent cutbacks in public education, the classroom size cap has been lifted. Teachers are expected to teach 38 kids in classrooms designed for 25. There aren’t enough chairs or desks to go around and often times the air conditioning doesn’t work. Subjecting students to all these negatives can be a huge hindrance to the learning process.

Private school education can be a parental dream come true. Of course, the problem about cost always makes people less enthusiastic about truly working toward that dream. However, many private schools provide scholarship money and even a sliding scale for those with financial need. This makes the fiscal burden considerably less problematic.

If you think that private school might be the best option for your child, it is a good idea to read this article. Good luck with your private school dreams! May they all come true.