Playing a Music Instrument is Good for Health

Yes, you read the heading right, playing a music instrument actually has health benefits for us. Below we are going to list down some of those benefits. We will then also feature one of the best music stores, Adelaide. Here you can find all of the musical instruments that you can purchase and play.

Playing a Music Instrument is Good for Health

Benefits of Playing Music Instruments

1.    It Increases the Memory Capacity

According to research, playing a music instrument stimulates the brain and increases your memory. It changes the shape and power of the brain and in therapy, it can improve cognitive skills. It actually increases a person’s IQ by 8 points.

2.    Refines Time Management and Organizational Skills

A musical instrument requires one to be very disciplined when it comes to time management and being organized. In order for you to perfect, you need to schedule enough time to practice. These attributes can be passed on to the daily lifestyle.

3.    Boosts Team Skills

Playing a musical instrument requires one to play with other musicians, and this improves team working skills that are very important in life.

4.    Teaches Perseverance

There is a lot of time and effort required when one is learning to play an instrument, and this teaches one patience and perseverance. It is almost impossible for a musician to play a complicated piece of music correctly the first time.

5.    Enhances Coordination

There is a lot of hand-eye coordination when playing an instrument. The player has to read the notes while coordinating the fingers on the instruments.

6.    Improves Mathematical Abilities

Counting notes and rhythms is the norm when playing an instrument, and in the overall, it improves mathematical skills. Studies have shown that students who play musical instruments usually perform better in mathematics than those who don’t.

7.    Increases Responsibility

Owning an instrument comes with its responsibilities such as maintenance and care to make sure that it is in good shape when playing. There are also other things such as remembering musical concerts, rehearsals and that sort of thing. In the overall, they create a great sense of responsibility.

8.    Sharpens Concentration

Pitch, rhythm, tempo, note duration and the quality of the music are just some of the things that a musician has to concentrate on. When playing in a group, a lot of concentration is also required to bring about harmony.

9.    Boosts Listening Skills

You’ll need a good ear to tune the instrument and also listen to when you’ve played a wrong note. In music, it is all about the ear, listening for the right tones, when to play harder, softer, faster or slower.

10. Promotes Social Skills

Musicians are known to join bands or orchestras, and most of the time, they become friends and even feel like family. This greatly improves their interaction skills with other people.

Those were just some of the benefits of playing musical instruments. We are now going to look at Adelaide’s best musical instrument store, Global Music Revolution.

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Some of the musical instruments on sale at the store include:

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They also offer all sorts of brands, some of them listed below:

  • Yamaha
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  • Mapex
  • Blackstar
  • Samson
  • Makey
  • Pacifica
  • Valencia


Playing an instrument is something that is good for the health and well-being of human beings. It is advisable to learn at least one instrument in your lifetime and it can change your life in ways you’ve never imagined. If you’re in Adelaide, do not hesitate to stop by the Global Music Revolution Store for all your musical instrument and accessory needs. They are sure to get you sorted with whatever you need.