Leaving the Fear Behind: Pursuing Your Dreams

Sometimes the most motivational stories we will ever read are the ones our lives write. If we can learn, now, how to leave the fear behind to pursue our dreams, we will be on the cusp of motivating those we know. Though many of us would not like to admit it, we do watch what other people do with their lives and how they do it. This is especially true if we deem them successful individuals. So, why not be the people others watch?

Everybody has different dreams in this life. Some people are hankering for a log home in which to reside. Those people will find great value in pursuing their own custom designs from a company with over 35 years of experience in the industry. These people will be absolutely thrilled to reveal the myths about log homes and their sustainability. They can inspire their peers to pursue home ownership, or even rustic living. But, how do they get past the lies that keep us from pursuing our dreams?

Leaving the Fear Behind: Pursuing Your Dreams

Common Dream Stopping Lies

You can’t face an enemy you don’t recognize. That is why it is so important to take note of the lies that will be utilized to keep you from accessing and realizing your dream pursuits. You are going to have to step away from the fear that these lies induce. So, consider these common hindrances to your forward momentum:

  • You can do that someday– There’s this overarching procrastination found in statements like these. You never know when “someday” will arrive. And, you are quilted into thinking you cannot be “responsible” and pursue your dreams at the same time. Like there’s something that deserves more of your attention. But, if you spend this breath of a life miserable, what good has it been to you and those you are here to inspire? Read more about life.
  • If it doesn’t work, you’re screwed– That can certainly take the wind out of your sails and inhibit any risk taking you might have been considering. When the truth is, if things don’t work out, you’ll just be back where you are right now.
  • Your day job is safer– Safer isn’t always better. Sure, that steady paycheck might be safe, but being at home away from all potential harm is even safer than that, and we know how far that will get you.
  • It’s impossible– Nothing is impossible if you go at it with all that you are. The only thing that is truly impossible is the thing that you never strive to attain. Read these motivational quotes to keep your drive going.
  • You might fail– We have been so engrained to believe that failure is bad. However, we should take the position Thomas Edison maintained while pursuing his dreams to discover a way to make the electric light. He said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
  • You don’t have the right resources– If you know how to make use of the resources you already have, then you won’t have to worry about whether or not you have access to the right resources. Make use of the things you do have, without worrying about the things you don’t. Learn about the other lies people will tell you to keep you down.

Lies generate fear and fear leads to stagnancy. If you want to be someone they write motivational stories about, then you need to be someone unafraid of pursuing your dreams! Don’t let the lies and fear stand in your way.

Make All Your Dreams Come True By Building a Log Home

To most people, owning an own home is a dream come true. You can travel thousands of miles across the seas and all over the world and never find the peace and harmony that you will experience in your own home.  A home is more than just a place to stay.  It is a place to enjoy, make memories, laugh, cry, and experience, grow and develop. If you are still home shopping or considering building a home on a vacant land then you should definitely consider a log home because log homes are the ultimate dream come true and allows you to live the ultimate luxury life.

Make All Your Dreams Come True By Building a Log Home

Log cabins are eco friendly

One of the best reasons to decide on a log home is due to the fact that these homes are eco-friendly.  The homes are mostly constructed from wood, which is a natural material that will one day erode back into the ground.  You are also giving wood a second life by building a log home since the wood is not used in consumable items but in something that will stand for many years to come.

Log cabins are gorgeous

There is no home type that has the same feel of luxury that log homes has.  The smell of wood alone is enough to calm anyone.  Combine natural hard wood with gorgeous large windows and beautiful rocky tiles and it will almost feel like you are living in your own three star quality home.

Log cabins are much quicker to assemble

The log homes are a lot faster to assemble because there is no concrete that has to set or dry.  If you have a good team, you can get your log home built in a matter of days depending on the size of the home and the style of the home.

Get your log cabin designed by a pro

Streamline Design Ltd is a company that specializes in timber frame homes.  They have been building log homes since 2004 and have been doing projects all over Canada, the United States, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Bosnia, Russia, France and much more.  They also won the 2016 log home design awards. With this high level of experience, Streamline is bound to be able to design you something that you will adore or they can work with your own unique ideas and concepts to help any dream become a reality.  You can get a tiny but functional log home created or get Streamline Design to create an ultimate luxury home design or even a guesthouse design for you.  There is no dream too big or too small for this fantastic company.

Get your log home built

Streamline Design has a lot of contacts and divisions. They can’t just design your home for you; they will also get a professional team to construct the log home or timber frame home for you.  And if you still prefer to get your own team or to use your own construction method then that is also perfectly fine.