When Your Dream of Owning a Dog Comes True, Here are All of the Supplies You Will Need

Most people dream of getting a dog, but it isn’t easy to figure out all of the supplies you will need if you have never owned a dog before. In many cases, items like food and dog dishes are fairly easy to remember, but some people stumble when thinking beyond those basics. To help make sure that you have all of the supplies you need to welcome your new dog into your home with ease, here are the most common items your will want to have on hand as you bring the lucky pup into your life.

Leashes and Collars

Whether you are getting an adult dog or a puppy, you will want to have a collar and a leash available right from the beginning, even if you have a fenced yard. It is important to have options for walking your dog, as this can be a critical source of exercise. And, if you get a puppy, you want to let them get used to the collar and leash as quickly as possible.

When Your Dream of Owning a Dog Comes True, Here are All of the Supplies You Will Need

Often, the type of collar and leash you by isn’t overly important. Just make sure it isn’t too heavy, especially if you are getting a puppy. However, you can take the opportunity and select options with additional features. For example, a lighted collar can help you see your puppy or dog in the dark. That means nighttime walks are automatically a bit safer.


Every dog needs to stay active and entertained to be healthy. One easy way to make this happen is to invest in a few toys. Anything from tennis balls to tug ropes can be great choices, but it can be hard to decide if you don’t know the dog well yet.

Any easy way to begin is to choose a few basics. For example, pick up one ball, a rope toy, and a stuffed toy. Then, you can leave them out for your dog to explore. If they seem to gravitate to some and totally ignore others, then you can use this as a learning experience to guide your future choices.

Dog House

If your dog is going to spend some time outside in the yard, then you might want to invest in a dog house. These spaces allow them to escape from the elements if you are not able to immediately welcome them back inside your home.

When choosing a dog house, don’t necessarily pick a size based off of the current size of your pet if it is a puppy. Some puppies grow incredibly quickly, so their initial size may not be a strong indication of their size when they are full grown. Instead, do some research about the breed (or breeds, in the case of a mixed breed puppy) and use that to estimate their size once they reach adulthood. Then, you can choose a dog house that will suit them as they grow instead of choosing an option that may quickly become too small.

Don’t Go Overboard

There are numerous dog products on the market, but don’t feel compelled to buy every item you see. Instead, start with the basic and learn your dog’s needs and preferences. Then, you can add items accordingly and lower the chance that you will overspend on items they ultimately won’t use.