How to Pursue Your Dream of Becoming an Interior Designer

It is never too late to start following your dreams.  Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken is such an example.  He had a hard life right from the start.  His father died when he was 4 years old, he had no proper education, got married at 18 and had a daughter by the age of 19.  By the time he turned 65, he was contemplating suicide because just about every job he ever had had failed.  But instead of committing suicide he started following his passion and retired a wealthy and successful businessman just a few years later.  It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 65.  If your heart is into interior designing then it is time to start working on your passion.

How to Pursue Your Dream of Becoming an Interior Designer

Travel the world and visit buildings for inspiration

Stephen Collins had his own interior design firm in the UK.  He spent 17 years abroad, studying various buildings in different areas like the United States, Italy, Mexico and France.  During his travels he developed a liking for interior design and started his own interior design firm in 1996 and from then on opened a hotel.  Today he is a TV host and property developer. You can follow in Collins footsteps by also traveling the world to see buildings so you can start developing your own unique style for interior designing or perhaps get some tips from his TV show for your own designs.

Start studying for interior design

You need a master’s degree in interior design to become a professional interior designer.  A degree in architecture can also greatly benefit you and your work.  But the main point is that you start studying for interior design right now.  Even online studies can be of great benefit to your future dream job.

Start working on voluntary projects while you study

It takes a while to become a qualified interior designer and even longer to gain enough experience in the field.  By working on voluntary projects while you study you get the opportunity to work on your skills and you can use your work as reference to future clients.

Apply at design firms for your dream job

Once you have your degree in interior designing, you can start working at just about any interior design firm.  This fantastic career offers a good salary, flexible working hours and is greatly rewarding since you aren’t stuck in the same spot every day.

Start your own firm

If you have enough experience in interior designing you can perhaps start doing this fun job on a freelance basis and earn extra cash on the sideline. You can even go a step further and start your own interior design firm.  All it takes for a design firm to be successful is good marketing, a good name, good interior designing skills and some hard work and you could perhaps one day be a completely successfully and independent interior designer.  When you have your own firm, you can choose your working hours and enjoy much more flexibility as well as many rewards as you can stand to work for.


How to get your dream career in politics up and running

If you have always been a genius at public speaking and you know that you are a natural problem solver you might be ideal for a career in politics. There are those individuals that have always wanted to start a career in politics but with no idea how to get there. It is hard to get your foot in the door. Believe it or not most excellent politicians got to where they are through hard work and tenacity. You might have to start at the bottom and work your way up but when you finally ascend your victory will taste so much sweeter and you will do everything you possibly can with the fantastic opportunity that you have been given.

Perseverance is everything when first stepping into a career in politics. There is going to be a few internships and declined job interviews before you can take that first step. You need to make sure that you have a strong personality and a concrete portfolio to deliver to justify being hired in politics. Before you can even consider getting into that dream position you need to be more involved. Find out about local charity projects and help out. Click here for tips to set up a resume.

Once you get that interview it is important to remember that the person that is interviewing you might have different political views from yours. Instead of going straight into attack mode you are going to have to have an unbiased opinion while still displaying the passion you have for the party that you support. Take a look at the foundation for defense of democracies. They simply support democracy and rally against tourism. That is most definitely a common goal shared by powerful and like-minded individuals.

most excellent politicians

You don’t have to apply for any and every job that opens up in politics. Be selective with your choices and eliminate everything that will not be a good fit for you. Find a party that has interests that are similar to your own. Experience is everything so make sure that you do a few voluntary projects. Studying further is always good but work experience means more. Go for that one degree that you have always wanted to complete and then focus your attention on getting your resume spruced up. Click here ( for tips on the best studies for politics. It is important to remember that everything won’t happen overnight. You need to be patient in your endeavors and realize that you might have to start in your community and with local elections before heading towards anything national.

To start off in local politics you need to get involved in as many community events as possible. Find information from local councilors and get involved in as much as you can. Your chances of being recognized and supported are much stronger if you are well-known in your community. Your rallying starts the day you decide to take up a career in politics.

The Top Five Dreamy Careers for Creative People

Life is too short to be stuck in a job that you hate.  Working in an environment that you detest or with things you have no interest in only brings on a lot of unnecessary stress in your life and might just be poisoning your sole.  If you are creative and love freedom to be yourself then it is time to make a change by studying for one of these top five dreamy careers so you can finally be a happy and full person even if that means that you may have to sacrifice a few pennies for your ultimate happiness.

The Top Five Dreamy Careers for Creative People

Interior design

Interior design is one of the best dreamy careers for creative people.  When you become an interior designer you will meet plenty of new people each and every day, you get to travel a lot, work in a different environment every other day and you can work flexible and comfortable hours that suits your unique lifestyle.  The best part about this fantastic career path is that there are no limits to how successful you can be or how high you can rise.  Juan Pablo Molyneux is a perfect example of a man who made it big in the interior design world.  He started out small and is currently the world’s best interior designer and he even has his very own design firm.  Molyneux travels all over America, Europe and the Middle East where he transforms mansion after mansion and castle after castle.  His life and career is definitely one of the ultimate career paths that you should consider right now.

Graphic design

Just about every business is online these days and just about every business needs a graphic designer for websites, adverts and marketing.  Graphic designing is one of the best career paths that you should consider right now because you can work at comfortable hours, in a firm or completely remotely through freelancing websites. You get to be creative each and every day and you work with new clients every other day.

Landscaping design

If you love gardens and the outdoors then this is the ultimate job for you.  Landscaping designers get to travel a lot, they work in a new garden every other day and they get to be creative on a daily basis.  When you become a landscaper you can choose to work on your own and you can create your own comfortable and flexible hours.


Photography is a terrific and flexible business that is sure to bring you by a lot of beauty.  Photographers work with tons of different people each and every day and they get to enjoy all the best occasions that people experience in their lives.


Writing can be a tough business to get into since there are so many writers out there but if you can make it big in writing then you can live in a little dream world each and every day and you can create works that will be enjoyed long after you have gone from the world.

Can Interior Designing Be A Dream Come True To You?

Different people have different type of dreams.  Some dream of starting a family.  Some dream of buying a dream house or dream property.  Some dream of owning a yacht.  And some dream of getting that perfect job.  Interior designing is one of the dreamiest jobs out there and coincidently enough this job requires you to dream a lot.  As an interior designer you get to transform average homes and landscapes into glorious spaces that becomes so much more than just a room.  This fantastic position is a dream comes true to anyone with a compassion for beautiful things and beautiful spaces and a great feel for what can be.

What exactly is interior designing?

Interior designers enhance interiors.  They study a structure and the plans of buildings and they then research, and develop a strategy and an idea which will improve the building for the better.  Some interior designers stick to mood boards and concept designs while others coordinate and manage the entire reconstruction project.

Can Interior Designing Be A Dream Come True To You?

Someone who lived this ultimate dream

Juan Pablo Molyneux is one of the world’s leading interior designers.  He is famous for transforming numerous buildings all over America, Europe and the Middle East.  Molyneux transformed scales of homes, offices and even some palaces into timeless works of art.  He has a unique style that speaks for itself and he loves to implement vintage and raw elements in his transformations and combines these older and historical elements with modern science and modern styles to create a unique, functional and warm look.  Molyneux turned an average job into a dream career that anyone would absolutely love to have and his reputation is something that most interior designers can only dream to achieve.

What you need to become an interior designer

Insight – Insight is something that you are naturally born with.  It isn’t something that can be taught.  If you don’t have the insight to transform homes then you will never make a success of this career.

Creativity – Interior designers create, develop, strategize and transforms. You need to be creative in order to be good at interior designing.

Qualifications – If you are quite sure that you have what it takes to become an interior designer then it is time to start studying.  Interior designing degrees can be obtained at a lot of major colleges or you can follow in Molyneux’s footsteps and study architecture at a university so you can learn how to work with building structures as well as indoors elements.  You will also have to pass the national council for interior design qualification exam so you will be reputable.

Pro bono projects – Starting on pro bono projects is a great way to develop your skill and to gain experience.

Create a portfolio – Online portfolios of some of your work are a fantastic way to communicate your style across the globe so you will be more recognizable and easier to contact by prospective clients.

Start working – Once you have experience and a good portfolio in place, it is time to start putting yourself out there and marketing yourself so you can land those dream projects and start building on your name.