Saving for a Dream Vacation

Going on a vacation is something that everyone has to consider. It is the best way to take a break from work, and it is also a time to refresh your mind. In today’s world, people are too busy an stressed out, chasing their careers and trying to stay above the competition. An then there is the fact that money is not always available, and people don’t know how to save for holidays. The result is that people have very little time and no money for vacations. In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways that people can prepare for vacations, below:

Set a price point

This is probably the most difficult part of trip-planning, and this is probably because two thirds of the adult population do not even have household budgets. It is important to try and figure out how much you are willing to spend realistically for a certain period. It is also very important to make sure that you put everything on paper. The moment that you have the numbers on paper, it is now time for you to come up with a saving plan. If you discover that your once-in-a-lifetime trip is going to cost twice what you can save, you’ll need to adjust your budget or your timeline.

Saving for a Dream Vacation

Research your destination

In order for you to know how much money you’ll need in your wallet, you’ll have to know your destination. It is important to thoroughly research your destination, getting as much information as you can get. You can check out reviews and also ask friends and relatives who have been there, even inquiring about any extra costs that they incurred while there. Travel guides, official tourism websites and consumer-travel resources will also give you a general estimate of what you’ll need. It is important to factor in extra travel costs, like health insurance, passport renewals, cell phone roaming charges, baggage fees, and other logistical expenses. Remember, it is always best to overestimate, rather than underestimate.

Use budget tools

If you’re not currently a budget-keeper, technology can help you become one. There are smartphone apps that can track your expenses, manage account balances, and even remind you when bills are due. This makes it easy to monitor your spending, keeping you on track with your savings.

Look for alternative sources of income

It is good to look for alternative sources of income because you could be sitting on a pile of cash and yet you have no idea. To attain your vacation goals, it’s important to have alternative sources of income. If you’re skilled at a certain craft, take advantage of it and create a side hustle.

Save every single day

It is advisable to save money every single day, recording the amount as you aim for your target. Seeing the written records nearing your target by the day will actually give you more reason to keep saving even more.

Have fun on a budget

While saving up your pennies for your dream vacation, you’ll still need entertainment and distraction. We all know that things like going to the movies, or out for drinks does not always come cheap, but being thrifty doesn’t have to be boring. Opt to go for the free nightlife events that can be just as fun as the ones that you’re used to. It is all a concept in your mind.

Stay inspired

Staying inspired during the period that you’re saving for the trip is important. For instance, if you’re finally taking that bucket-list trip to Argentina, take a Spanish-language or tango class, or try cooking an authentic Argentinean meal. Follow you’re destinations updates on social media and learn even more in the process. You can even set your smartphone’s screensaver to an image of your destination.

Rustic Pathways

We are now going to look at Rustic Pathways, a pioneer when it comes to providing superior quality travel and service programs for students and families in more than 19 countries around the world. They are professional and integral in their operations, insisting on quality in all aspects of their programs, and places the safety of their students above all other considerations.

32-years-old in the industry, Rustic Pathways’s mission is to empower students by providing them with travel experiences that are innovative and responsible, and impact lives and communities around the world.

Their programs for high school students run between one to three weeks long during the summer, as well as month-long and semester-long Gap Year programs in the following countries: Australia, Burma, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Ghana, India, Laos, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam.

What Makes Rustic Pathways Unique

Over 90 Summer Program Options

Rustic Pathways have more than 90 different summer programs, each one tailored to a specific set of student interests. The programs feature community service, adventure, and education, while on vacation. So whether you would like to hone your photography skills in India, improve your Spanish in Costa Rica, adventure through Australia, teach English in Thailand, or help build schools in Fiji, there is a program tailored for every interest. They stay away from the route the common traveler does, preferring the off-the-beaten-path “rustic” experience.

Connect Programs

They have one or two weeks experiences for those that don’t have too much time, and longer programs that easily connect within regions. People have the opportunity of connecting with programs in many different countries in one tour.

Local Staff

Rustic Pathways have full-time, local staff across the globe who guide the travelers at whichever destination they are. The guides have grounds on experience with the destinations, and promise the travelers the experiences of their lives. The students are able to immerse themselves in local culture and have special access to locations that traditional ours cannot provide. The connections in the communities in which Rustic Pathways work are deep and we work closely with them to provide sustainable and meaningful service projects.

Industry Leader in Student Experience

Rustic Pathways is constantly innovating to provide an exceptional experience for their students and families. A full-time Safety Director who ensures that their programs and activities are safe for students is always at hand. Personal Travel Advisors help guide families through the sign-up process and make sure that every student is ready to travel. The program leaders challenge students and support them in their personal growth throughout their travel experience. Finally, they provide students with opportunities that are unique to their operations. From working with rehabilitated sloth bears in India to trekking through remote villages in Burma, they offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences.