Dreamy Fishing Expeditions That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Some people like art, others love music and some love sport.  But you, you like fishing.  You love the challenge of getting that big catch. You love shopping for the latest fishing gear.  You love planning your fishing expeditions and you love the open fresh air that you get to enjoy as you fish.  Fishing is one of the best hobbies there is.  It keeps you out of trouble, helps you combat stress, anxiety and depression and fishing is affordable compared to other hobbies.  Fishing expeditions are great fun for men and women of all ages and it is a timeless sport that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life.  It only makes sense that you need to add some dreamy fishing expeditions to your bucket list so you can set your goals right and get a taste of something new and exciting every time you go out from now on.

Dreamy Fishing Expeditions That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Top fishing expeditions for your bucket list

Sure, it is always good to work in some casual fishing expeditions where you can just sit back and relax with no goals and no ideals for the weekend so nature can surprise you with whatever you catch.  But to enjoy the ultimate dreamy fishing trip you should give the following fishing expedition types a try. 

Fly fishing – Fly fishing requires a lot of skill and you need a special rod, reel and specialized weighted line.  On Fishing Reel Types you can scout for the best fishing reels for all of the different types of fishing that you can give a try.  The top reels are discussed on this site so you can quickly and easily navigate to finding the best fishing gear for each of your bucket list trips. 

Saltwater fishing – Normal saltwater or sea fishing should definitely be on your bucket list because you can combine saltwater fishing with a fantastic beach holiday and have a blast. 

Deep sea fishing – Deep sea fishing involves going out on a boat into the depths of the sea where you will be aiming to catch certain types of fish.  For deep sea fishing you usually don’t need any fishing gear at all since most fishing charters supply you with everything from rods to bait. 

Freshwater fishing – You can enjoy fishing in a river or in a quiet pond and have a blast during a simple and quiet camping trip. 

Ice fishing – Ice fishing is quite tricky since you will be catching fish through a hole in the ice on a froze lake.  This can be great for your bucket list because it is a completely different experience and you get to enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes and learn a lot about fishing. 

Create a fish species bucket list – You can also add a list of fish species to catch onto your bucket list.  Fish like Sailfish, Bluefin tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Swordfish, Tigerfish, Dorado and Muskie are just a few examples of tricky to catch fish species that should definitely be on your check list.