Children Are Often a Dream Come True

There are a lot of parents who view their children with less enthusiasm than their presence deserves. Children are a dream come true for many people, and the lack thereof, a tremendous heartache for so many more. So, when you have the joy of looking into the eyes of your children, understand just how blessed you are. In fact, children have been a blessing since the beginning of time. You can see that story replayed over and over in Biblical writings.

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Children Are Often a Dream Come True

Great Reasons that Children are a Blessing

Sure, if we are honest, there are days that caring for our little dream come true’s feels a lot more like a burden than a blessing. On these days, it is best that we sit back and consider the great reasons that children are a blessing. This will help us get clarity and treat them with the love and grace they deserve. So, consider these reasons they are blessings and not burdens:

  1. They are a gift from God. You would not have that glorious wee one had God not deemed it. Unfortunately, people take His gifts for granted and do not treat these precious lives with the care and love they need and merit. Learn more.
  2. They are wholly unique. You can never make another one just like the one you hold in your arms right now. Even identical twins are not completely the same. Each one has his/her own identity and personality that will eventually be revealed as they grow.
  3. Their hearts are beautiful. They have not been tainted by the world’s lies and desires, sins and lusts. They are innocent and pure and inquisitive and complicated all rolled into one tiny being who adores you simply because of who you are.
  4. They allow us to make less comparisons. Comparing things in life will steal the joy right out from under you. If we learn to accept our children for who they are, we will find great satisfaction is enjoying how they learn, act, and communicate as it is unique to them. And that, makes them all the more special to us. Get some help in this arena here.
  5. They teach us to choose our battles. Kids will definitely get your goat as frequently as they can. It is their job to push every button we have and yet, they teach us so much in the process. Through their constant attempts to push boundaries, we are able to see what things are truly important and what things are simply about selfish comforts and agendas.
  6. Kids show us how to be thankful. Because everything is new in their eyes, they can generate excitement over the little things in life that we have learned to take for granted. They can refocus our eyes and lives on the beauty of the world around us and the joy that can be taken in the simple things if we would just make time to be thankful for them. Read this.

Kids are a dream come true and when we live with them from that perspective, we will find greater joy in their presence.