Breathing Pacemakers – A Dream Come True To Quadriplegics

Terrible things often happen to the best of people and there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to change what happened.  The only thing people can do is accept and build their lives around their disabilities. Luckily modern technology and medical science is advancing each and every day.  The new technology and findings are helping people all over the world live a more comfortable live so they can still enjoy their lives no matter how severe their disabilities are.  A quadriplegic condition is one of the worst disabilities that can happen to someone but even these individuals are now living simpler and easier lives thanks to breathing pacemakers.

Breathing Pacemakers – A Dream Come True To Quadriplegics

What is quadriplegia?

Quadriplegia is a terrible condition which renders the sufferer paralyzed.  Quadriplegia is usually caused by illnesses or by a physical injury and is often completely irreversible.  While paraplegia results in the paralyses of legs, quadriplegia is when all four limbs of an individual are completely paralyzed and because the body is paralyzed from the neck downwards these individuals can even suffer from breathing, heart and organ malfunctions.

How a breathing pacemaker works

A breathing pacemaker is the ultimate quadriplegia breathing alternative.  Most quadriplegia patients rely on a ventilator for breathing which makes movability greatly difficult since the exterior machine has to be hauled around everywhere and the risk of getting a pipe or wire unplugged is great which endangers the quadriplegic’s life. A breathing pacemaker is a device that is surgically attached to the lungs.  The breathing pacemaker has an exterior controller that is fashioned on the side of the patient but is small enough to be concealed easily and much easier to deal with than a large breathing machine.  The breathing pacemaker will then send pulses to the lungs which promotes normal breathing without any exterior assistance.

How a breathing pacemaker transforms the lives of quadriplegics

The breathing pacemakers are a lot smaller than ventilators or breathing machines.  They fit comfortably on the patient’s side and helps the quadriplegic breathe normally.  Breathing pacemakers makes life a lot simpler since the quadriplegic can move around a lot easier with less wires and bulky machines to move around which is terrific for taking on journeys and especially for moving the patient from chair to bed.

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Avery Biomedical is the leading company in breathing pacemakers.  They are helping thousands of people with conditions like quadriplegia, CCSH, central sleep apnea or diaphragm paralysis enjoys a much higher quality life.  Some of these individuals were even capable of living a full and normal life thanks to the smaller and more reliable breathing pacemaker and could even engage in certain activities such as horse riding, work and much more.

A disability is hard enough to live with.  No person with a disability should be forced to struggle to breathe unnecessarily when there is great technology like breathing pacemakers available to them.  If you or someone you love is suffering with a breathing problem then it is time to make life easier on yourself and on your loved one by seeking assistance from Avery Biomedical.