Motivational Camps for Teens

Our son loves going to camp each summer. He enjoys the opportunity to get away from the “’rents,” while simultaneously meeting new people. The camp he attends is co-ed, so that spurs him on all the more. We are supportive of his ventures there because we know he is being properly supervised and learning about things we approve of. Maybe you’ve been looking for motivational camps for teens because your child needs that experience. Look no further, we’ve got some great recommendations for you in this piece.

Think about how much you have enjoyed camping over the course of your life. Whether you learned where to find tents for pickup beds, or if you simply set one up on the ground, camping was a great experience. Sometimes you had an easy set up, other times you battled it out. But, once the tent was set up, and the fire started, the joy of nature invaded and you breathed a little bit deeper and a lot easier. Of course, being able to use a truck as your camping tool might have made that feeling of security more tangible, but still, it was the love of the outdoors that pulled you. Let your kids have that same joy (even if they are in cabins instead of tents).

Motivational Camps for Teens

Top 5 Motivational Camps for Teens

Since we are being honest, let’s not fail to mention how hard it is to be a teenager. Life smacks you in the face with the onset of emotions and hormones, and then before you know it, you are required to take care of yourself. Kids need a firm foundation from which to meet that life. That’s why we have created this list of 5 motivational camps for teens. These camps should give your kids the right kind of launch into adulthood:

  1. Kidder Creek Adventure Camp– At this camp there are horsemanship lessons, white water rafting, rock climbing, a high ropes course, and even horseback mountain riding. This camp is located in northern California on a gorgeous campus.
  2. Camp Kalaqua– Located in High Springs, Florida, this camp serves ages 7-17. They offer horseback riding, and other horse related skills training. Horses are a main focus, but there’s also go-kart racing and hiking. Learn more about it at this link.
  3. Jenness Park– Age group appropriate events will be available throughout the campers’ stay. That includes the potential to enjoy a zipline and hiking through the forest. The faith-based teaching make this camp a value to all who attend. Read more.
  4. Supercamp– They have been in business for 35 years. The staff is exceptional and the camps are held on the prestigious colleges of Stanford, Cal State, and Villanova. Your child will gain life skills, increase his/her grades and confidence, and hopefully achieve academic success.
  5. Camp Victory– Getting tired of your kids watching inordinate amounts of TV? Well, this camp in Minnesota, aims to change that with its multitude of life altering activities. They offer a Lego Robotics camp and a Wilderness Adventure Camp. We recommend the nature side of things because your kids will learn trip mapping, paddling, and how to cook outdoors. Check it out here.

Our recommendations for motivational camps should inspire you. But, if you are still looking for additional suggestions this link should help.