Play Ukulele Chords with One Finger

Ukulele is among the many musical instruments that produces a great sound. Once a person being to play this instrument, many would be anxious when being asked to play a quite difficult piece. Good thing, there are already quite a few easy ukulele chords that anyone can try when starting out with the instrument.

For newbie in this field, it is a must to play more of the jazzy chords. Many think that these are challenging chords. The truth is, it can easily be played as opposed to the standard chords. Below, you can find several chords that will only require a single finger to play as well as two chords that will not make use of any finger. With the boom of the social media, you can find easy ukulele songs facebook.

C Chord: the C chord is the foremost chord that most beginners learn how to play. To play this, the person simply have to put the ring finger on the A string. This is the string closest to the floor right at the third fret. The finger should be located on the string between the bar of the second and the third fret coming from the ukulele’s neck end. For this chord, it can be seen as 0003.

Play Ukulele Chords

AM Chord: this is the short term for A minor. This is played by simply putting the middle finger on the 2nd fret of the G string. This is the string closest to your head. This chord can be seen as 2000.

Open String Chord: the open string chord can be played by anyone feeling lazy. It is by strumming all the open strings. With this, you can get a chord that can be interpreted in two methods. The ways can be chord C6 or chord Am7. The chord to produce will be based on the context. The chord will be the best alternative for the chord C if it is C6 or Am for Am7. To get a jazzy sound, the next time you see chord C or Am listed in the chart, you are able to play an open string. By doing such, your fingers can get the rest that it needs. Learn more at—Learn-To-Play-Licks-In-C-Major&id=1131406

A7 Chord: this is another standard chord of the ukulele. It can easily be played with a single finger. To play this, you simply need to put the index finger on the C string first fret. This is the second string down. This is the chord that can best substitute for chord A for songs with D key.

Fsus2 Chord: this is another jazzy chord. This should be played carefully. Play it by putting the index finger on E string first fret. Produce better melody by making a switch between Fsus2 and F as you play the easy ukulele songs for beginners.

The above chords are quite easy to play. Even a newbie can easily play it without any help or supervision. Ukulele is not a common instrument but when you get the chance to play it, you will get hooked to it.

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