Tips for Creating a Dreamy Garden

One of the biggest attractions of a home is the garden.  Many people underestimate the importance of a beautiful garden and a lot of people that are planning on selling their homes will start to neglect their gardens which are probably the biggest mistake you can make.  A beautiful garden increases your property value, makes your home much more beautiful and gives your family a place where they will actually want to spend time instead of lingering in the house in front of the TV. It is time to stop wasting time on the net by looking at other dreamy gardens and to start getting your fingers dirty while you create your own dreamy garden.

Tips for Creating a Dreamy Garden

Tips for beautiful trees

It is important to keep your trees trimmed because trees that grow too big or trees that grow branches in the wrong areas such as over rooftops can be dangerous during storms.  A falling tree or branch can cause terrible damage to your home.  One of the best things you can do for a dreamy garden is to keep your trees trimmed but tree trimming itself is incredibly dangerous.  You should trust a good and trustworthy tree company like Tree Surgeons when cutting trees in Perth to ensure that the trees are cut the right way and to ensure that your home and property stays completely safe and secure during pruning.   The Tree Surgeons can also help you remove trees completely and they are experts at tree relocation if you would like to get a tree moved to another spot in your garden.

Tips for beautiful grass

Beautiful grass doesn’t take overnight to grow unless you buy some of those instant grass roll lawns.  To get beautiful grass you need to frequently water your lawn, cut your lawn every week and you should give fertilizer every six months.  Pest control is also important for good lawn care because nothing can cause more harm to a beautiful lawn than a termite infestation.

Tips for beautiful flower beds

Flower beds are tough to maintain but the beautiful flowers are great for luring beautiful butterflies and birds to your garden.  If you love flower gardens then a great idea would be to build raised flower beds or flower beds with a built in skirting so you never have to waste time on redoing your bedding or on keeping grass out of your flower beds.

Add garden seating

What good is a garden when you never spend any time in it?  Garden seating like benches, wall benches, or a garden set will make your garden much more comfortable and will inspire you to enjoy and guests to spend more time outdoors.  For the dreamiest seating spaces you can check out some ideas on Pinterest where you can learn to build your own garden seats or simply get inspiration for beautiful seating arrangements.

Add a main feature

A main feature like a fountain, fish pond or statue will make your garden stand out and will give you a good start point to work from when you are remodeling your garden.

Cell Phone Hero Stories

Dreams do come true for those people who desire nothing more than to be heroes. Of course, being a hero is certainly nothing to wink at. So, what happens when a cell phone assists in heroic actions? Well, that’s where cell phone hero stories emerge. The people in this piece were probably in the right place at the right time, but the cell phones within their grasp are worthy of applause as well.

In truth, cell phones often get a bad rap. You visit places like Izengate to pick out your new Apple, Samsung, or LG and then you don’t think another thing about that old phone and what it could have accomplished had it been given the opportunity for greatness. Instead, we berate people who seem glued to their phones. Thankfully, that glued to the phone nature helped the people in these stories.

Chad & Camryn Wood, Kidnapping Thwarters

Camryn was just fifteen years old, traveling in the car with her father, Chad, when an Amber Alert popped up on the cell phone screen she held in her hand. That constant need to be glued to her phone allowed her to take note of the kidnapping being presented via the Amber Alert. She looked up and realized that the car in front of her was the exact same car listed on the alert.

Chad and Camryn got close enough to the car to ensure that the license plates matched the information on her cell phone’s screen. A mother had kidnapped her child from her husband. Chad and Camryn called 911 and followed the woman as she drove. The police arrived quickly and the woman was arrested. The infant was safe and Camryn became a cell phone hero!

You can read the story in its entirety by following this link.

Cell Phone Hero Stories

The Chicago Cell Phone Jammer

Now, some would place this guy in the category of a felon. However, we would like to submit to you the possibility that he is more of a hero with a cell phone vendetta. When you are stuck on a commuter train, and everyone is talking, loudly, on their cell phones it can get pretty annoying. Surely you can understand the premise for his decision.

Dennis Nicholl ordered a device from China. This was a means to deal with his increasing aggravation over the incessant cell phone chatter he endured on his two-year stint of commuter train riding. The device, known as a cell phone jammer would render the cell phones in his train car useless for the time in which he had the device on.

Some see this as a public safety issue while others think of it more as a public service. Where do you stand on the issue? Does he deserve jail time, or applause? To gain a full understanding of the entire event you will need to read this article.

In Other News

Apparently, in Queens, a bunch of police offers were honored when they were able to incarcerate a group of robbers. Apparently this team of robbers had an incessant dependence on their cell phones for planning and correspondence.

It is amazing the kind of heroism that exists in a technologically advanced world. For more inspirational and perhaps slightly wacky tech heroism read this. You’ll be glad you did.

Motivational Camps for Teens

Our son loves going to camp each summer. He enjoys the opportunity to get away from the “’rents,” while simultaneously meeting new people. The camp he attends is co-ed, so that spurs him on all the more. We are supportive of his ventures there because we know he is being properly supervised and learning about things we approve of. Maybe you’ve been looking for motivational camps for teens because your child needs that experience. Look no further, we’ve got some great recommendations for you in this piece.

Think about how much you have enjoyed camping over the course of your life. Whether you learned where to find tents for pickup beds, or if you simply set one up on the ground, camping was a great experience. Sometimes you had an easy set up, other times you battled it out. But, once the tent was set up, and the fire started, the joy of nature invaded and you breathed a little bit deeper and a lot easier. Of course, being able to use a truck as your camping tool might have made that feeling of security more tangible, but still, it was the love of the outdoors that pulled you. Let your kids have that same joy (even if they are in cabins instead of tents).

Motivational Camps for Teens

Top 5 Motivational Camps for Teens

Since we are being honest, let’s not fail to mention how hard it is to be a teenager. Life smacks you in the face with the onset of emotions and hormones, and then before you know it, you are required to take care of yourself. Kids need a firm foundation from which to meet that life. That’s why we have created this list of 5 motivational camps for teens. These camps should give your kids the right kind of launch into adulthood:

  1. Kidder Creek Adventure Camp– At this camp there are horsemanship lessons, white water rafting, rock climbing, a high ropes course, and even horseback mountain riding. This camp is located in northern California on a gorgeous campus.
  2. Camp Kalaqua– Located in High Springs, Florida, this camp serves ages 7-17. They offer horseback riding, and other horse related skills training. Horses are a main focus, but there’s also go-kart racing and hiking. Learn more about it at this link.
  3. Jenness Park– Age group appropriate events will be available throughout the campers’ stay. That includes the potential to enjoy a zipline and hiking through the forest. The faith-based teaching make this camp a value to all who attend. Read more.
  4. Supercamp– They have been in business for 35 years. The staff is exceptional and the camps are held on the prestigious colleges of Stanford, Cal State, and Villanova. Your child will gain life skills, increase his/her grades and confidence, and hopefully achieve academic success.
  5. Camp Victory– Getting tired of your kids watching inordinate amounts of TV? Well, this camp in Minnesota, aims to change that with its multitude of life altering activities. They offer a Lego Robotics camp and a Wilderness Adventure Camp. We recommend the nature side of things because your kids will learn trip mapping, paddling, and how to cook outdoors. Check it out here.

Our recommendations for motivational camps should inspire you. But, if you are still looking for additional suggestions this link should help.

Miracle Drugs that Make Dreams Come True

Yes, we understand that the title might seem wholly unbelievable. However, we feel relatively confident that the drugs we are going to discuss in this piece are miracle drugs that make dreams come true. We would never try to mislead you on a topic this delicate. Please consider the medications we discuss here and do your necessary research to ascertain whether they are right for you and your current situation.


We are in just as much need of a beginners guide to nootropics as you are. But, from what we have read thus far, nootropics are worthy of further investigation. According to the website we linked to, nootropics are “smart drugs” that improve memory and enhance concentration.

Miracle Drugs that Make Dreams Come True

Supposedly, these supplements promote the development of new neurons which enables your brain to have more effective neurotransmitter communications. And, there are two major types: Racetams and Ampakines. But, to really understand what all this means to your future and the making of your dreams come true, you’ll need to utilize that beginner’s guide we mentioned previously.


While this medication is not actually called anti-CD47, that is how it functions. It is still being tested and might not make it to the market in the very immediate future, but it is showing incredible promise. We’re sure you are wondering what it does. It has the potential to cure all cancer.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, cancer cells (particularly in tumors) elevate the presence of CD47 which is a marker that tells red blood cells not to attack. That’s what gives cancer cells the ability to spread and metastasize.

So, if this drug can block the presence of the CD47 marker on the cells (and initial studies show success) then this might be the answer to end cancer. That makes it a miracle drug for sure! And we don’t need to tell you how many dreams would come true with that. You can read more about this amazing potential cure right here.


DRACO stands for Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizers. Essentially, this drug may be the answer to end all viral infections. Imagine what that will mean for the health of people all over the world!

MIT scientists have tested their drug against 15 different types of viruses. These include: stomach, H1N1, rhinovirus, polio, and even dengue fever. And, the results showed that it was equally effective against them all. Theoretically, they believe it is capable of fighting all viral forms.

It targets a type of double-stranded RNA that are only present in cells that have been infected with a virus. The protein it utilizes convinces the infected cells to commit suicide, a process called apoptosis. So, if viruses have ever hindered your dreams, this drug is the miracle you’ve been looking for. You can read the whole article here.


We include this medication in our miracle drug list at the bottom because even though it offers some incredible life changing, dream come true, abilities, it costs $1000 per day. That makes it completely unattainable to just about everyone on the planet.

Sovaldi has been shown to be the cure for Hepatitis C, a disease that is deadly. There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C and it is believed that 3 million Americans have the disease. And, since more than half of them are veterans, inmates, uninsured, or on Medicaid, that means taxpayers have to foot the bill.

Feel free to learn more about this one, but you probably won’t like Gilead Sciences when you’re done.

How to Achieve the Dream of Physical Fitness

Many of us dream of being thinner, stronger, faster, or more physically capable. But, depending on where you are today, it can feel like that dream is incredibly far away. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Getting on the road toward physical fitness doesn’t necessarily require big changes right away. In fact, just dedicating 30 minutes a day to exercise and learning to make better (not necessarily perfect) food choices can be an excellent way to start. And your options for getting started are actually quite varied.

To help you achieve your dream of a more physically fit life, here are some tips to get you started.

How to Achieve the Dream of Physical FitnessHow to Achieve the Dream of Physical Fitness

Find an Activity You Enjoy

One of the hardest parts about maintaining and exercise routine is when it feels like a chore. If you aren’t excited about taking part, it will be hard to convince yourself to make it part of your routine. So, the easiest way to remedy that is to choose something you find challenging, but enjoyable.

That means if running isn’t your thing, but you love to dance, consider bypassing the treadmill and joining a Zumba class instead. It is more important to pick something that you can stick with than choosing an option because someone else swears by the results. Because, if you don’t like it, you will eventually stop doing it and you won’t get those results anyway.

Even if your path to physically fitness is longer because of your preferred activity, it is better to be on the long road than to never start the journey.

Track Your Effort and Progress

Often, part of improving your physical fitness means you need to do something to track your progress. However, this doesn’t mean you need to weigh yourself three times a day or write down your time spent working out to the minute. Instead, simplify the tracking process by choosing a fitness tracker that works for your activity.

Fitness trackers provide quick access to metrics and often offer long-term tracking options through accompanying apps or other software. Additionally, newer models offer the ability to do more than just count your steps. A good waterproof fitness tracker can actually measure your exertion while swimming, kayaking, or paddle boarding and won’t be damaged if it gets wet. Other versions that monitor heart rate can help you estimate caloric burn during almost any activity.

The best approach is to select a model that is designed to measure your stats when you participate in your favorite forms of exercise. Again, it is more important to pick the right one for your needs than to pick a model with great ratings that doesn’t make tracking tasks easy on you.

Eat Better

What we eat affects our body’s ability to perform, so eating right is important regardless of whether you feel you need to lose, gain, or maintain weight. But eating better doesn’t mean you need to overhaul everything you consume. Instead of making extreme diet changes, consider tweaking the choices you make on a regular basis.

For example, change out your normal white bread for a lower calorie version that also features whole grains. Then, you can still eat your usual toast or sandwich; you’ll just be eating a healthier variant.

Even a series of small changes can make a big difference, and it doesn’t require any more time out of your day. And, by adding exercise and eating better than you did before, your dream of physical fitness may be realized faster than you would have guessed possible.

Two Motivational Dog Stories Shared by Famous People

We wanted something a little different this month. Maybe it’s because we have stepped out of our personal comfort zones and chosen to rescue a dog. A dog that, in the less than a week we have had her, has already taught us a lot about life and love. Since she has imparted some motivation to us, we decided to provide you with some motivational dog stories shared by famous people.

If you have the ability to rescue a dog from a shelter, we recommend that over investing tons of money in a pure bred. You can easily visit the site linked here to learn what is the best dog food for boxers, or any other dog breed you find yourself choosing. But, since boxers are in the top ten list of breeds chosen by people, and there are a lot of boxer mixes in animal shelters, we figured that would be a good place to start. Don’t think you have to pick a boxer though. Instead, read these stories and pick a dog that’s right for you and your family.

Two Motivational Dog Stories Shared by Famous People

Two Famous People and Their Dogs

The world is crazy about celebrities and the lives they lead. So many people are enamored by the gossip columns and shows. In fact, you can’t go through the line at the grocery store without reading about who is cheating on who. That’s not the kind of celebrity life we want to discuss. Rather, we would like to give you a glimpse at two famous people and their dogs. Read these stories:

  1. Josh Duhamel- Josh is an avid supporter of pet adoption. He recently lost his dog, Meatloaf, a rescue dog, after caring for him for 6 years. But Meatloaf’s legacy lives on because it led to Josh’s connection with PetSmart Charities. He believes that rescue animals really do appreciate those who come to their aid. He thinks they know what the other alternative is. Euthanizing 11,000 animals every day is unacceptable. But, that’s what the statistics are and that’s why he’s helping PetSmart Charities rescue animals. Their charity has been involved in 1 out of every 10 pet adoptions since their inception. Learn more about PetSmart Charities.
  2. Tim Tebow– Vocal Christian NFL star, Tim Tebow, has a moving story about Otis. Otis, was Tebow’s beloved comeback dog. He went missing for several days when Tim was a junior in high school. When Tim found him, his jaw was split and his legs and hips were severely fractured. The vet assumed that Otis had been beaten with a baseball bat. There was little hope for his recovery without extensive and expensive surgical procedures and even that couldn’t guarantee survival. Though they brought Otis home from the vet in preparation for his death, neither Otis nor Tebow were ready to give up. Tim nursed him back to health with milkshakes and water therapy in the family pool. Amazingly, Otis recovered, though he was never able to run again. He lived to be 13 years old.

Dean Koontz is also a dog fan. And, as a writer, he is more focused on the greatest dog stories ever published. You can read his list and opinions by clicking this.

Or, if you’d like to read more about celebrities and their pets follow this link.

How to live in LA on a budget and live your dream

Everyone loves LA and it is a dream come true to imagine that you can actually stay there. Many people say that it is too expensive to stay there and that life in LA will be pretty bleak if you don’t have enough money saved up. Obviously if you are making a change and moving somewhere to start a new life you need your emergency cash saved up to first of all find the essentials like a roof over your head. Whether your dream is to pursue an acting career or if you just want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery you should work on a budget and you can actually make your dream a reality. Click here to take a look at some of the most beautiful locations in LA.

Start by double checking where you buy your groceries. There are certain shops that will charge you more for certain foods.  The best thing you can do to save money on your food costs is to shop around and to always compare prices between different retailers. Find out which stores have specials and where you can get a discount. Make time to look through magazines and newspapers to find the best bargains. With the money you save you could arrive in LA in style by getting a Private car from LAX. This is a great way to travel and will be incredibly convenient and luxurious for you to enjoy. You will love the sights and views as you arrive at your new destination.

How to live in LA on a budget and live your dream

You can also save a bunch of money by not paying for parking or only paying when you really have to. Seeing that parking are hot commodities in this thriving city make sure that you find valet parking spots where your costs are minimal. The best way to avoid the extra charges is by using public transport. You might also surprise yourself by the savings you can make by shopping at flea markets. Retailers will charge you a lot more than you will pay at a market. You might fall in love with vintage furnishings and house items that you won’t find for a good price anywhere else.

Make sure that you get rid of your gym membership and use the beautiful surroundings that you have to work out. Go for a jog or a hike and save the money that you would normally spend on a gym membership. Look for free excursions in your area that you can enjoy. You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on an entertainment budget. Click here to take a look at some of the best things that you can do for free in LA. By spending time on the beach you will be able to socialize and meet new people and in turn make new friends. There are many ways to keep yourself entertained and form part of the rest of the community while enjoying a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Biking Stories to Blow Your Mind

Perhaps biking doesn’t come across as the most inspirational topic to you. Not to worry, our research has provided us with some biking stories to blow your mind. These stories are hopefully going to provide you with the much-needed motivation to begin your own biking adventures. No matter which form of biking you choose to employ, we guarantee that the stories in this piece will give you hope.

Biking has been a long-standing method of transportation and outdoor enjoyment. If you are interested in making a biking purchase of your own, we recommend visiting Two Monkeys Bike Shop in Sydney. Of course, you don’t have to live in Australia to take advantage of their top of the line bike selection. And, if you make a purchase that totals over $200, you can get free international shipping. Also, the site will provide you with access to blogs about biking news and great places to traverse.

Biking Stories to Blow Your Mind

5 Biking Stories You Have to Read for Yourself

Our research on motivational biking tales led us to these 5 biking stories you have to read for yourself. The things included here are sure to add a little inspiration to your day:

  1. Gearing Up- This company, based in Philadelphia, PA was started to empower women through the joy of biking. The women in this program are coming out of abuse, addiction, and/or incarceration. Biking with Gearing Up will help them make the transitions they need to become more independent, resilient, and emotionally/physically healthy. Learn More.
  2. CicLAvia- Los Angeles is known for its high levels of pollution due to the extraordinary amount of cars within its city limits. So, the founders of CicLAvia planned an “open street” day back in 2010. The day was designed to allow street access for all non-motor based modes of transportation. They are hoping to offer one day a month for this venture. Read more.
  3. People For Bikes– In Hoboken, NJ, the People for Bikes foundation offered a $5000 grant to create bike corrals in no-parking zones on street corners. Shop owners can get in on the deal by agreeing to keep the corrals clean in exchange for getting one placed near their stores.
  4. Atlanta Bicycling Coalition– This group joined with the City to ensure that the current bike lanes were made safer. They developed a connection between the two lanes that offered an innovative solution to travel from the University to the Midtown area.
  5. River Bridge- In Utah, there is now a covered bridge over the Colorado river. It has become part of a paved path for bikers. Previously, those wishing to reach the national parks had to endure a very dangerous journey along a busy highway. Now, they can safely enjoy the gorgeous landscape and breathtaking red rock scenery.

The organizations that helped make these safer biking destinations possible are certainly worthy of applause. However, there are a number of additional biking organizations that a true biking enthusiast should be well aware of. We will provide you with a brief list here:

  • League of American Bicyclists
  • Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
  • Bikemore
  • PedNet
  • Trailnet
  • Time’s Up!
  • Bike Pure
  • The Adam Little Foundation
  • CYCLE Kids
  • Team Share the Road
  • World Bicycle Relief

You can learn more about these organizations and others like them by clicking this link.

Why daydreaming about your future is a good thing

Even though daydreaming is considered as a waste of time to most people and in earlier years it was considered to lead children to psychosis daydreaming is actually a great thing to do. This activity leads to a clear mind and creativity with inspiration. It is said that if you are able to embrace your daydreams you can gain powerful insights into your future and might just help you in creating the ideal world for yourself. Today research proves that daydreaming is considered a normal state of the mind. It is actually okay to let your mind wonder sometimes and to allow yourself to dream about the future that you would like to have. Click here to read more about methods to daydream.

Why daydreaming about your future is a good thing

You might think it isn’t beneficial to be distracted but research states that this mental time travel is actually good for you psyche. To know that we are able to escape our reality for a few minutes is great and some of the greatest books and movies have actually spawned from a daydream. You can experience situations over again while our physical beings are stuck in the present. Your dream career, relationship, ideal weight and everything else makes life worth living and goals worth working for. To allow yourself to dream about the ideal future you should take a look at california psychics reviews to find some of the best and highest rated psychic professionals. Tapping into your future and finding out how things might turn out is a great way to create a path for daydreaming. It is important to pick a psychic that you feel close to and can open up to so that you can have the most fulfilling experience.

By projecting your future you make smarter choices about your field of study, career and goals. If you encounter difficult situations you might be able to play out different scenarios of what to do. Mental time travelling allows you to review and rehearse your life. Even if things don’t turn out as you have planned or dreamed about you can still figure out effective ways to deal with issues. All ambitions starts as daydreams and your next bestselling novel or masterpiece painting might be something that you dream about. Click here to read more about becoming inspired. It is said that Einstein visualized a light beam that he could travel alongside at the speed of light when he was sixteen.

Our unconscious mind is incredibly powerful and we are actually unconsciously solving problems by daydreaming about different scenarios. There is no harm in taking a few minutes out of your busy and complicated life to let your unconscious mind run wild and chew on the problems you don’t feel like dealing with. This doesn’t mean that we should lose focus on the important things but timeout for the mind is a good thing now and then. Set aside time for daydreaming and enjoy the surprising results your mind wants to explore.

How to Pursue Your Dream of Becoming an Interior Designer

It is never too late to start following your dreams.  Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken is such an example.  He had a hard life right from the start.  His father died when he was 4 years old, he had no proper education, got married at 18 and had a daughter by the age of 19.  By the time he turned 65, he was contemplating suicide because just about every job he ever had had failed.  But instead of committing suicide he started following his passion and retired a wealthy and successful businessman just a few years later.  It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 65.  If your heart is into interior designing then it is time to start working on your passion.

How to Pursue Your Dream of Becoming an Interior Designer

Travel the world and visit buildings for inspiration

Stephen Collins had his own interior design firm in the UK.  He spent 17 years abroad, studying various buildings in different areas like the United States, Italy, Mexico and France.  During his travels he developed a liking for interior design and started his own interior design firm in 1996 and from then on opened a hotel.  Today he is a TV host and property developer. You can follow in Collins footsteps by also traveling the world to see buildings so you can start developing your own unique style for interior designing or perhaps get some tips from his TV show for your own designs.

Start studying for interior design

You need a master’s degree in interior design to become a professional interior designer.  A degree in architecture can also greatly benefit you and your work.  But the main point is that you start studying for interior design right now.  Even online studies can be of great benefit to your future dream job.

Start working on voluntary projects while you study

It takes a while to become a qualified interior designer and even longer to gain enough experience in the field.  By working on voluntary projects while you study you get the opportunity to work on your skills and you can use your work as reference to future clients.

Apply at design firms for your dream job

Once you have your degree in interior designing, you can start working at just about any interior design firm.  This fantastic career offers a good salary, flexible working hours and is greatly rewarding since you aren’t stuck in the same spot every day.

Start your own firm

If you have enough experience in interior designing you can perhaps start doing this fun job on a freelance basis and earn extra cash on the sideline. You can even go a step further and start your own interior design firm.  All it takes for a design firm to be successful is good marketing, a good name, good interior designing skills and some hard work and you could perhaps one day be a completely successfully and independent interior designer.  When you have your own firm, you can choose your working hours and enjoy much more flexibility as well as many rewards as you can stand to work for.