Living Life with Autism

Usually, when parents learn that they have a child who is autistic, they cannot help but feel distraught because they do not know if their child is going to live a normal life. The thing with autism is that there are so many spectrum and types so figuring out if an autistic child is going to be able to function amidst other people who are considered “normal,” still remains to be seen.

There is a good news: Children with autism are known to be able to live their own lives when they grow older whether they are “high functioning” or “low functioning.” The reason for this is because there are more therapies that are geared towards children with autism. These therapies are meant to help them cope better with life so that they can improve socially. At the same time, they are able to cope better when they are placed in the classroom setting.

Living Life with Autism

At this point you may be wondering, what are the good sensory toys for autistic children? You need to remember that autistic children tend to become socially awkward and they have a tendency not to like being exposed to a large group of people. In order to let children become more comfortable, here are some toys that will make a lot of difference:

  1. Bubble Tube – This is a type of toy that can be placed in the middle of the room. This tube usually emits different colors and this can be enough to make any child with autism and even adults calm so that they can go through with the day in a more relaxed manner.
  2. Color Changing Play Mat – This is one mat that a lot of children with autism love probably because the colors change whenever the child touches a certain portion of the mat. The change of colors can make any child with autism naturally more creative and can allow them to be more playful.
  3. Flashing Spiky Ball – The thing about this spiky ball is that you can simply bounce it and then it would light up. The bright colors of the ball will be enough to make any child with autism happy. A lot of children with autism crave sensory input and this toy can give that.
  4. Chattering Teeth – If a child with autism needs to fine tune his/her motor skills, this may be the best toy to use. The great thing about this is that they can wind it up and see what winding up can do to the toy. It will be enough to delight a lot of children.
  5. Water Arcade Game – There are a lot of children with autism that may have some problems with their hand and eye coordination but with the use of this water arcade game, this can be enhanced and improved. They will see how their action can have an effect and will teach them to do coordinate their hand and eye movements better.

There are still a lot of sensory toys that are available for autistic children that can eventually help them improve. It is in the future when we will see if children with autism would be able to cope but if parents would work hard, they can help their children and their dreams can also be fulfilled.

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