Do You Dream of a Healthier Lifestyle? That Goal is in Reach

Many of us dream of leading a healthier lifestyle, but it is often challenging to decide how to begin. There are concerns about diet and exercise. You may be managing a chronic health condition, or nursing an old injury. Regardless of where you are starting, a healthier lifestyle is often in reach. If you are looking for simple changes to help get you on the road to better health, consider these easy to manage options.

Do You Dream of a Healthier Lifestyle? That Goal is in Reach

Diet Changes

Often, extreme dieting isn’t very effective. Once you lose the desired amount of weight, you revert to your previous habits and can easily put the weight back on. So how do you go about making a lasting change? Instead of going to extremes, consider making small changes that you can support over a lifetime.

Some small exchanges in your daily habits can be very effective for managing your weight long-term. For example, consider trading out store bought juice for fresh juice made at home. Many of the best juicers are very capable. You can create custom blends using your favorite fruit flavors, and add a variety of vegetables to make them even more beneficial.

Another easy switch is to begin having a salad before your regular lunch and dinner. By filling up with some healthy greens (and using dressing sparingly), you can provide yourself with a great source of vitamins and fiber right from the beginning. Then, when you proceed to the rest of the meal, you may find that you aren’t as hungry as you were before your salad. That means you won’t eat as much of potentially unhealthy items because you have laid a foundation of vegetables first.

Add a Little Activity

Since the goal is lasting change, consider substituting your normal activity choices for some that give you a little more benefit. A classic example is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. However, just because you decide to take the stairs more often, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the elevator to start your journey to better health slowly.

For example, if you work on the fifth floor or an office building, start by taking the elevator to the fourth floor and climbing the stairs to the fifth. If that doesn’t feel too challenging, the stop on the third floor and then take the stairs. Before you know it, climbing the stairs from the ground level will be no sweat.

Another easier trick to add more activity to your day is to park farther away from building entrances. That way, you add a little more walking to your day when you complete regular activities like getting to work or shopping for groceries.

Don’t Add Sugar

If you traditionally add sugar to your coffee, tea, cereal, or other food and drink options, wean yourself off of the extra sweetener. Over time, your taste buds can adapt, and you may find the foods and beverages taste just fine without them.

Sometimes, we continue to add sugar to certain items simply because we developed a habit. As we age, our taste for certain things can change, so it never hurts to see if the added sugar has actually become unnecessary to enjoy that particular food item or drink.

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