How to Clean Your Dream Home before Moving In

There is nothing more rewarding than starting to pack up everything in your apartment so you can start moving into your dream home.  Moving from one location to another is tedious work because there is so much to pack up and so much to clean before you can start living in your new home but it is still part of the fun if your new home is your ultimate dream home.  But you shouldn’t get too hasty.  You only have this one chance to clean your new dream home properly because this is the only time where there will be no furniture in the way of the ultimate cleaning job.

How to Clean Your Dream Home before Moving In

Fumigate your home

It is important to fumigate your home before you start off on the cleaning.  A good fumigation will kill off any dust mites in carpets and all infestations in your kitchen cupboards.  Once the fumigation is done with you will be sure that there are no bugs and pests from previous home owners to torment your family.

Wash everything out

The walls, the bathroom, especially the loo, the kitchen oven, all of the cupboards… everything needs to be washed out properly with a good chemical to kill off any germs and bacteria that previous owners and their pets have left behind.  This way you can be sure that your family won’t catch any diseases that might be lingering in the home.

Deep clean the carpets

Carpets are often the dirtiest thing in a home because they are so tough to clean and you need special equipment for carpet cleaning or end up with a damp smell or even ruined carpets.  You should hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Chem Dry for your carpet cleaning needs because their industrial machinery will leave your carpets smelling fresh and dirt free and they will remove all dust mites and micro infestations that might be living in your carpets.  Your carpets will look completely new and refreshed once you have cleaned them properly.  You can search here to find out more about Chem Dry’s supreme carpet cleaning services.

Deep clean the tiles & grout

A lot of germs and diseases can hide away in the grout of your tiles.  By power washing them with chemicals your family will be safe from these diseases and germs and your home will look much cleaner and fresher.

Wash all linen

You should never simply hang your curtains and bedding straight from the old apartment because you will be bringing along all of the dust, insects and infestations that you are trying to move away from.  Wash all linen properly so you can have a fresh start.

Clean upholstery properly

Upholstery contains a lot of spills, sweat and skin debris.  A good carpet cleaning company should be able to clean your upholstery properly.  By cleaning the upholstery you don’t just eliminate bacteria and germs you also give second life to your older furniture.

Fumigate furniture

Cockroaches and other bugs can easily hide away in your furniture.  Before you move the old furniture into your new and just cleaned home you should get them all fumigated so you don’t end up with pest problems from your previous home.

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