Ace Rent a Car: Best Valued Van Rental to Live the Dream of a Luxurious Vacation in Perth

Everyone dreams of having a luxurious vacation including exploring lovely attractions, tasting the best local meals and meeting wonderful people. While the rich can undoubtedly afford to travel in style, most would need to shorten their stay or not even living their dream at all. If you are determined to achieve your dream, prioritize renting a van at Ace Van Rental Perth. They can recommend a car rental deal that meets all of your requirements at an affordable price while answering any of your questions.

What is Ace Rent a Car

Ace Rent a Car is a company that offers quality car rentals at an affordable price. A van is just but one of the many vehicles you can hire from the company. Other vehicles include compact cars, minibuses, SUVs, utes, and even family saloons. The company has been providing “value for money” car hiring for longer than 30 years in Perth. It is also one of the 350 locations of Ace Rent a Car around the world which offers a great low-mileage group of vehicles with tremendous value compared to other car rental companies.

Ace Rent a Car: Best Valued Van Rental to Live the Dream of a Luxurious Vacation in Perth

Why Choose Ace Van Rental in Perth

When travelling either alone or in a large group, you can be sure to find something that perfectly fits your needs with Ace Rent a Car’s modern fleet.

  • Quick and efficient services: A shuttle service is provided at the airport to transfer customers to and from their Victoria Park branch.  If the customers are in the city, the Victoria Park branch is ideally located just across a river from CBD. Either way, rest assured that the reception team would receive them with warmth, friendliness, and efficiency.
  • High standard vehicles: Each of their vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and checked repeatedly before they are handed over to anyone. Careful inspection and meticulous checking are done by a team of mechanics. All vehicles are sure to be in excellent working condition and readily available whenever a customer so desires.
  • Exemplary assistance and services: They treat all customers the same. They communicate with respect and patience while going out of their way just to ensure their needs are fully met. They can offer to help when it comes to tourist attractions, many of which are most easily reached by private transportation. They can also assist in exploring the best tourist attraction spots, fine dining areas, and relaxation areas.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: Their primary goal is to provide their customers with the best services and great deals for anyone who asks for help or assistance.You can click here and see some of the reviews on their Facebook page.
  • Suitability and affordability: Depending on how customers will travel, either alone or as a group of 2, 5, 8, or 12, a wide variety of cars are offered at their convenience which are more than likely affordable and satisfying. 500 dollars budget for 5 would already be enough for them to enjoy a week’s vacation. For more details of specific cars and their prices please click here.


A dream vacation should at least be a week long or more for any person, group, or family to enjoy the experience. While most people spend their budget on food, accommodation and souvenirs, which is totally understandable and necessary, it would also be good for the group to allocate some of that budget on transportation. There’s nothing more convenient and comfortable than having a rental van exploring the many tourist attractions of Perth. Make your dream vacation a reality and make it memorable With Ace Rent a Car, you’ll not only get affordable choices, but you would also have top-quality services. To get you started, click here to get a glimpse of what Perth can offer you and your family.

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